Verge is a catalyst for growing the GO Virginia Region 2 innovation economy, technology and life sciences sectors, and professional communities.

Established in 2020, Verge is the region’s front door for innovators, founders, and funders to connect a growing roster
of companies – both startups and established – with
resources to grow and thrive.

Verge Affiliates

Provides vision, strategy, and development resources to help move the region forward.

Helps tech and biotech startups access and leverage critical resources to grow their companies here.

Creates an innovative ecosystem for the technology sector to thrive in the Roanoke-Blacksburg Region through high-quality programming and membership.

  Recent Accomplishments

  • Aggressively mentoring breakaway companies – providing facilities, connections, training, ancillary business expansion support, and similar growth-focused resourcing. Spring 2021 expansion to allow for an additional cohort of Life Sciences-specific businesses.
  • Proactively securing grant funding to support regional innovators, entrepreneurs, and infrastructure investment. During the 2020 pandemic, Verge helped attract $1.3M in outside/programmatic investment.
  • Supporting new startups, existing businesses, high-growth opportunities, and the technical talent they all need to reach full potential. Supporting emerging technologies related to blockchain, autonomous systems, cybersecurity, health, and life science industries.