Innovation Dashboard

As part of the Verge regional data tracking effort, we are pleased to provide annual review reports, as well as data dashboards on the innovation and entrepreneurship landscape of Region 2 of Virginia.  The initial focus areas include Innovation Creation Indicators, STEM-H Talent, and the Capital Ecosystem, which data is kept most accurate and current using the interactive online dashboards available farther below (versus the PDF reports released on an annual basis, directly below). Since public metrics and data sources are continuously being updated and/or adjusted, the Innovation Dashboards below are the best representation of Region 2 of Virginia innovation ecosystem landscape, in terms of metric tracking.

Innovation Creation Data Dashboards

These dashboards provide information on patents and Virginia Tech R&D funding in the region.


Research and Development Funding

STEM-H Talent Dashboards

Talent Data Dashboards highlight STEM-H degree attainment by institution and disciplines in the region.

Capital Ecosystem Data Dashboards

Capital Ecosystem Dashboards share information on the availability of risk capital in GO Virginia Region 2.

Region 2 Capital Landscape