As part of the Verge regional data tracking effort, we are pleased to share the 2022-2023 Innovation + Entrepreneurship (I+E) Ecosystem Report of Region 2 of Virginia, inclusive of the New River Valley, Blue Ridge/Roanoke Valley, and Greater Lynchburg/Central VA. The report summarizes 2022-2023 innovation ecosystem metrics, data, news, initiatives, and activities regarding the talent and innovation pipeline, capital ecosystem landscape, RAMP successes, and other entrepreneurial and industry news. Furthermore, Verge offers interactive dashboards online to visually track this data through the years.

This regional data tracking effort is supported by Verge financial contributors, like the VIPC Regional Innovation Fund (RIF) and the Strengthening Entrepreneurs’ Impact GO Virginia grant. For a full list of Verge 2023 financial supporters, please view the last page of the full report.

  • Click the cover below to read the full 2022-2023 Innovation Ecosystem Report (pdf).
  • You can also view and download the one-page summary (pdf) for a more concise format of Region 2 innovation ecosystem metrics and highlights from 2022-2023.
  • To view last year’s I+E Report 2021-2022, click here.
  • Interactive Innovation Dashboards are also available to view data through the years regarding the innovation and STEM-H talent pipeline, as well as the capital landscape of Region 2 of Virginia.

Review some of the innovation ecosystem metrics from 2022-2023 summarized below and achieved within Region 2 of Virginia, in an one-page, executive summary format!